Behind The Brand

Mozline is an Indonesian brand which designs, manufactures and markets muslim women’s  clothing.  Our Mission is to satisfy our customer by giving the latest trend in every season, good quality, and best price.

We believe, to satisfy our customer we must have three points: Concept, Team and Quality.


We can be differentiated for having an up to date ,modest, and simple design concept. At first, we always analyze  the latest fashion trend then adapt it to become an up to date clothing but still have a modest value at muslim perspective. Our product also have a simplicity value. For us, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We believe beauty is the consequences of simplicity so we allied our those values – up to date, modest, and simple in every our product.  

The team

Mozline’s greatest asset is its people. Our team are consist of design, production, and marketing. We always collaborate to make a product that have a beautiful design, easily manufactured, and of course success at market. For us success is a team work.


The ingredients of good quality are good material and good process. Mozline always use a premium quality textile that comfortable to wear and durable to washed frequently times. Good process comes from good production system. Because we have our own production facility, we can always control our production process. So the quality always can be maintained

Lastly, we do participated to make Indonesia become the trend setter of world muslim fashion